22 years of electrical installations on vessels

22 years of electrical installations on vessels

We have been mastering vessel electrification for 22 years!


Our company from Slovenj Gradec in Slovenia has been successfully implementing projects in the field of electrical installations for 54 years!

The roots of our entrepreneurial activities reach back to the year 1969 when our founder, Mr. Albert Štumpfl started repairing electrical motors and other electrical devices as his supplementry trade alongside his regular job at EVU. Trough the course of the years, electrical installations in private and industrial buildings became and still remain one of our main services. 

Under the guidance of our then co-owner and passionate sailor, Mr. Tomo Štumpfl, we included electrical installations on all types of sailboats, boats, ships and motor boats in our portfolio of services. 

In the course of now 22 years the electrification of vessels and renewal of electrical systems on vessels became our most successful service, with refences including boats, motor boats and sailboats up too 100 feet. 

Check out our most current refences in the marine industry here: Elektro Štumpfl (elektro-stumpfl.si)

Do you have further questions? A vessel in need of a electrical system? Send us an e-mail to instalacije@elektro-stumpfl.si