ANL and MEGA fuse holders

ANL and MEGA fuse holders

We produce fuse holders for MEGA and ANL fuses


We produce fuse holders for ANL and MEGA fuses in our own production facility. The holders can be joined together and enable an easy connection with other electrical conductors with different cross-sections. The fuse holders are made of high quality plastics as well as non-corrosive screws and nuts and can therefore be applied in enviroments with a high salt content.

Our fuse holders can be combined with a tin plated copper busbar, which provides a simple option of connecting all the fuse holders and reducing the number of conductors. Additionally, a cover can be used for protection and limited influence of external factors  (humidity, salt, etc.).

A few months ago, our ANL fuse holders underwent a number of tests, performed by the Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology and passed with flying colors. The results and details of the tests can be found in the attached document  - Test results for ANL fuse holders – in English.

The prices of our MEGA and ANL fuse holders can be found in our webshop HERE.