Renovation of Metron energy station

Renovation of Metron energy station

We helped our longtime customer after a devastating fire


After a devastating fire, that burned the facilities, which housed the technical centre of our longtime customer Metron Institute, we sprung into action and provided the institute with all the needed Victron Energy equipment.

The company which carries out sustainable energy cycle research has often switched out their electrical components in search of the most perfect combinations and system. During this search, they found that the most suitable components for their needs and research are the components of Victron Energy.

The old facility, that once housed the institutes technical center, was also used as a energy station for the neighbouring residental housing, when the fire started. The fire erupted on the upper floor of the technical center because of the 50 years old electrical wiring. The fire later spread to the lower floor, where the energy station was installed.

Roughly half of the 250 kWh batteries were damaged or completely burnt, while the other half was left rather undamaged. The inverters with their combined power of 45kW, together with the built-in systems and components, which were placed higher, have been burned beyond recogniton. Of the Multiplus inverters, only the housing was left, while the Cerbo GX communication device turned to ash.

Elektro Štumpfl provided the institute with additional discount for the following components:

3x Quattro 48/15000/200-100/100

1x Cerbo GX

1x GX Touch 70

1x MPPT RS 450/200

1xMPPT RS 450/100


Half a year after the fire, Metron Institute has restored their energy station and set up a new system which now consists of three Quattro 15 kVA inverters in a three phase sistem with one RS solar 450/100 and one RS solar 450/200. The SOC calculation is carried out with a smart shunt from Victron Energy and grid input is monitored by a 3p CarloGavazzi meter.

The battery is of the institues own production, made with LiFePo4 cells and currently has 120 kWh. The institute also produced their own battery management system, which monitors the proper function of the battery.

We congratulate Metron Institute for their perseverance, effort and a succesfull renovation of their energy station!