Solar power plant for modular housing

Solar power plant for modular housing

We have installed a solar power plant with battery bank on a modular house situated across the border.


Our team of electricians has designed a off grid solar power plant with a built-in battery bank. The solar power plant operates at 13,68 kW power. 3x12 solar panels, 3 inverters with a power of 5000 VA and a battery bank with a capacity of 14kWh are installed into the system. The solar plant saves energy, gathered during the day, in a battery bank and enables the use of the gathered energy later on, when sunlight is limited or non-existent. 

The system can be used, for household purposes, as a off grid source of electrical energy, as a back-up source of electrical energy or as a combination of both systems.

When used as a off-grid electrical system, whenever excess energy is produced, the system will store the redundant solar energy in the battery bank. The stored energy will then be used for running household appliances when solar energy is scarce or non-existent. The electrical system can also be configured so that it keeps the battery bank fully loaded at all times. Household appliances will, in this case, be charged only in case of a power outage. When the grid is restored, the batteries will be charged either from the grid or from the solar panels.

The following components enable a smooth functioning of the solar system:

  • 3x inverter Victron Energy MultiPlus II with a power of 5000 VA and 48V voltage
  • 1x battery bank TAB E.Storage Family 14
  • 2x solar regulator Victron Energy MPPT 150/100
  • 3x 12 solar panels Trina Solar Honey wit a rated power of 380W
  • 1x communication device Victron Energy Cerbo GX 50

You can find all of the mentioned Victron Energy components in our webshop HERE.  

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