Fischer Panda

Fischer Panda

Power wherever you are!

Fischer Panda generators are intended for use in vehicles, vessels, and residential buildings. Due to their exceptional reliability and quality, they are also used for military purposes.
Using advanced materials and technologies, Fischer Panda has developed high-quality and environmentally friendly generators. The generators are also distinguished by their small dimensions, low weight, and low noise level.

The generators are housed in a special sound-insulating capsule, which significantly reduces noise and vibrations during their use. They also have a compact construction, which enables easy installation in small spaces on boats or vehicles.

Generators are an ideal power source for the most demanding power consumers, such as electric compressors, air conditioners, and complex electrical systems. 200 different generator models are available due to the great variety of electrical systems. Their power varies from 3 kW to 50 kW. The i-Series line with inverter technology is of particular interest. This line of generators only produces as much energy as the electrical system currently needs. If a new electrical consumer is connected to the system, the generator finds a new operating point and increases electricity production. In the event of a reduction in electricity consumption in the system, the generator automatically reduces the rotational speed and consequently also the electricity production. This mode of operation significantly reduces exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.

Since 2000, Fischer Panda has also been offering diesel-electric propulsion systems for vessels, which enable electric propulsion without exhaust and noise emissions. The user can decide whether the propulsion system will be powered only by batteries or will operate in combination with an electric generator