MG Energy Systems

MG Energy Systems

We added a new supplier to our range of batteries. 


At Elektro Štumpfl d.o.o. we have recently extended our portfolio of battery suppliers.

A while ago we became the official Slovenian distributor for

MG batteries, 

which are manufactured by the dutch company MG Energy Systems B.V.

The MG batteries are high-end and high quality batteries which are distinguished by their robust and compact design as well as their light weigth, reliability and safe handling. 12, 24 48 Volt lithium-iron LFP (LifePO4) batteries can be used to power vessels, camper vans, ambulance vehicles and can be built into complex electrical systems. The battery storage and power of the electrical system can be expanded  by connecting the LFP batteries in parallel – up to 900 Volts of voltage. The manufacturer also offers monitoring systems for battery control and data collection.

In addition to the above mentioned LFP batteries, you can find two other battery series, two versions of the BMS system and one data combiner in our portfolio.

  • HE Series – compact and extremely light-weight lithium-ion batteries with a expanded capacity for energy storage are suited for complex electrical systems where the overall weight plays a crucial role.


  • RS Series – this series of lithium-ion batteries is distinguished by their high perfomance, combined with a unique patented battery protection system against overheating. These batteries can power electrical and hybrid vehicles, vessels, industrial maschinery and highly complex electrical systems.


  • Battery management system – the two battery management systems Master HV and Master LV manage the correct, reliable and continuous battery performance as well as a secure perfomance of battery systems. The Master LV monitors low-voltage electrical systems (up to 96V), while the Master HV monitors electrical systems with higher voltage (up to 900 V).


  • Data combiner Smartlink MX – the interface collects data from two or more BMS, which are connected to the electrical systems. It transmits the combined data over CAN-Bus and makes it available for third party devices. It also makes combined battery data available in such a way, that parallel connected systems are shown as one battery bank. For a display of data on a monitor, the MG Energy Monitor must be built into the system.


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