Assembly of low-voltage switchboards

Assembly of low-voltage switchboards

An important pillar of our activities is the production of high-quality switchboards for industrial, public, and residential purposes

We manufacture low-voltage switchboards and distributors using all types of housings (metal, stainless, polyester, and plastic). We use first-class equipment from various manufacturers (Schrack, Rital, etc.).

We manufacture the following distribution cabinets:

  • energy switchboards up to 6300 A,
  • switchboards for measuring electricity or meter distributors,
  • distributors for houses and residential buildings,
  • free-standing cable measuring cabinets,
  • distributors for controlling machines and devices,
  • protective cabinets for photovoltaic equipment.


With the help of a CNC machine, we cut slots in the cabinet for switches, indicator lamps, etc. Data plates for individual slots are made using laser engraving.