Our 40 years


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1969: Albert Štumpfl Sen. began repairing electric motors and other electrical devices apart from regular job in the company EVU, within the framework of the afternoon trade.

1972: The establishment of an independent firm named Elektroservis in instalacije

1977: Moving to the new premises in the centre of Slovenj Gradec presented a new growth in operations. The main activities were: the production of electrical installations and distributors, servicing oil burners, deep freezes, hand held tools and household appliances. The number of employees increased to 18.

1982: During the first ten years the firm became the leading service provider in the branch in the field of industry, as well as in house building.

1983: Son Tomo also starts working in the company after finishing his studies successfully at the University. The activity is expanded to include the fields of mechanical engineering and controls for electric devices.

1989: The installation of the first microcomputer in the machine for slitting metals and the first digital control of machines.

1989: The establishment of one of the first Limited Companies in the region.